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  Jerry Aseret (Nervine Records,Denmark)
Jerry Aseret. 從2000 年就踏入DJ 生涯的Jerry Aseret 如今已經是個台灣知名的電子音樂人.
目前已在八家國際音樂廠牌發行超過三十首的單曲跟Remix. , 2011 年1 月發行的單曲 “Our
Move” 被義大利Techno 重量級人物 Marco Carola 收錄在他為英國BBC Radio 1 錄製的
Essential mix 裡面. “Our Move” 單曲也成功的在Beatport 音樂網站上奪下Nervine 唱片下載首

Genres – House, Tech house Jerry Aseret has made the name for himself as Taiwan's hottest producers, being exposed to electronic music at the age of 16; he was greatly inspired by electronic sounds and was instantly compelled to achieve his dreams as a world class producer/artist. With that in mind, he started off his DJ career from smaller scale clubs to internationally renowned arenas and has never looked back since. His passion and self‐driven motivation for music has never waned. His respect for all musical genres truly makes him a class above the rest. After returning back from Japan, he immersed himself in the studio, concentrating on producing and trying to position himself in the tech house field. Year 2006 proved a breakthrough after many years of hard work, finally developed a totally unique sound – grooving and powerful, ranging from tech house to Techno, always a floor shaker, grooving and perfect for the dance floor. Sounds that transcends beyond even the most discerning ears. Currently, Jerry is doing releases with many producers around the world like Alejo Loaiza, Attik, Frank Garcia, Divino Medran, Mikalogic,Dj Fronter, DJ PP, Mastik Soul, Milton Channels and more, and his production support from Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Flash Brothers, Christian Cambas, Marco Carola and more...of course more singles and remixes are on their way to showcase his talents and creativity.

Labels: Stolen Soul Music /Nervine Records/Muzik X Press Records / BWG records /
Datagroove Records
BBC's Radio Marco Carola Essential mix from Minus records

Including Jerry Aseret new tracks "our move"

Jerry Aseret
1. Jerry Aseret – Office Madness (Nervine Records) Featuring Alejo Loaiza Rmx
2. Attik – Friend(Jerry Aseret rmx, Nervine records)
3. Jerry Aseret – Radio Sunshine(Nervine Records)
4. Jerry Aseret – Packa(BWG Records)
5. Jerry Aseret – Fever(Nervine Records)
6. Jerry Aseret – Soi Cowboy(Triple Records)
7. Jerry Aseret – Another Ticket (Muzik X Press Records)
8. Jerry Aseret – Our move( Nervine Records)Denmark
9. Jerry Aseret – I like (wavecollective records)Spain
10. Jerry Aseret – Need nobody(datagroove Records)
11. Jerry Aseret – Zoo(Muzik X Press Records)
12. Jerry Aseret – 1982(stolen soul music)
13. Jerry Aseret – Midnite Soul ( stolen soul music)
14. Jerry Aaeret – You (Revox records)
15. Elvis.T – Redeye(Jerry Aseret remix)
16. Jerry Aseret – Broken Glass (Nervine Records)
17. Jerry Aseret – Natural evolution(Stolen Soul Music)
18. Jerry Aseret – Rainforest (Nervine Records)
19. Jerry Aseret – Freakshow(Nervine Records)
20. Jerry Aseret – Goody backward(Nervine records)
21. Jerry Aseret – Saved my life(remix at Coffee Groove Records)
22. Jerry Aseret – One night Long(remix at Nervine records)
*Video support by Marco Carola*