2012.03.31 DJ Harald Rauschenberg (CLAKKZ/E for Electro/Germany) @ X-CUBE club

Harald Rauschenberg(荷然 羅申博)@X-CUBE club,Taichung
♦ 德國Electro House / Techno人氣新秀
♦ 繼2010台中世貿跨年派對演出,再度現身來台!

Harald Rauschenberg (CLAKKZ / E for Electro /Germany)

你可以說他是DJ,工程師,Clakkz或是直接叫他Harald Rauschenberg.

E for Electro http://www.facebook.com/e4electro.tw

從黑膠唱片開始,Harald從不停止前進.光是混音讓群眾瘋狂已經不能滿足他.在2009年他開始製作自己的音樂,並創立了他的唱片品牌CLAKKZ. 2010年這位德國的火紅dj,新生代製作人即將展開世界巡迴,讓更多人聽見他的音樂.
音樂類型: 德法合併的Electro, Techno以及流行音樂
演出經歷: 知名德國法國電台NRJ, Sunshine Live 以及 法國 Kiss FM指定DJ.

Call him “the DJ”, “the engineer”, “the clakkz” or just Harald Rauschenberg…

During childhood he drove his neighbors crazy beating doors and walls but he didn't turn down volume and started spinning records. Now it's his profession to turn the volume up and make you move.

Since starting classic DJ’ing on vinyl he has been focused on his way straight forward. After years of non-stop fun, head bopping and feet moving, in 2009, Harald Rauschenberg decided to expand his passion for music by not only making the crowd go wild with his DJ'ing skills but by becoming a producer. 2010 should be the year. Currently founding the German start-up label CLAKKZ records, he will bring fresh music and artists to the crowd.

His Style is strongly influenced by French and German Electro, Techno and Pop music. He’s already played in many of Europe’s top venues, the big German and French radio stations NRJ, Sunshine Live, and French Kiss FM, parties with thousands of people, and parades.

Now he’s taking his act on tour to bring his sound and his tight ass pants to the rest of the world...