12/23 (Sat.) E for Electro 8th Anniversary Party @ 18TC 2F

E for Electro 8th Anniversary Party
Christmas Party Special @ 18TC 2F

22:00-23:00 ЯYAИ
23:00-00:30 Andre G
00:30-02:00 House Rubin
02:00-04:00 沙 羅 曼 蛇 s a l a m a n d e r

█ 關於 E for Electro █
E for Electro成立於2009年,結合NU Rave、Indie Dance、Electro、Disco 電子音樂潮流品牌,在目前商業流行音樂漫佈的台灣音樂生態中能夠發現屬於自我的音樂活動,藉由多變的內容來建立新興的派對走向及趨勢。打造獨特的派對氛圍,並與國際音樂品牌合作。

█ LINE-UP 表演陣容 █
沙 羅 曼 蛇 s a l a m a n d e r
DJ Cookie
House Rubin
Andre G

█ About / E for Electro █
E for Electro was established in 2009, Taichung. E for Electro combine various Electric music elements and emphasise on NU Rave, Indie Dance, Electro, Disco. The team include musicians, designers, artists, photographers, and people who specialise in other fields with the same target - to form a new party trend with various abundant contents. Located in central Taiwan, we organise music event with themes and integrate elements like images, music, drinks, installing art, projects planning and executing, performing art to build unique party atmospheres. Thoroughly, we bring music into lives. We also cooperate with international music brands and build up a bridge between locals and foreigners, so that we could interact with each other. Our brand is worldwide know.

With the rather commercial and pop music environment in Taiwan, E for Electro customise an area for music-enthusiast to discover distinguishing events that belongs to themselves, where they could fully enjoy they live music and astonishing stage effect. Among all, the heart-piercing stereos facilities awaits for the party animals! After bathing into showing of E for Electro, you will definitely know what is the hottest, craziest, thing that’s on around the world and what are all people having?

█ 票價 TICKETS █
男生$800 女生$600 門票可兌換兩杯飲料

█ 活動地點 ADDRESS █
No.38, Dachuan St., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)